Management Team
Ogaga is the founder of EquipAfrica and currently Chief Executive Officer in the Management team. It’s her job to ensure everyone on the team is meeting their goals. The EquipAfrica Management team is a great team to be a part of as we all share the same passion and values.

She currently works as a medical doctor and holds a BSc in Clinical Sciences and holds an IHI certificate in Quality Improvement.
Ogaga started EquipAfrica because she is passionate about making a difference in healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ogaga loves a new challenge and sees it as an opportunity to learn and improve; being part of a relatively new and growing charity provides her with this. The energy of the team and its passion to realise its dream means every project, although challenging, is extremely rewarding.
Ogaga Sim-Ifere
Chief Executive Officer
Elewechi Enwerem
As the Human Resources personnel, Ely advertises and recruits the best talent to keep the charity running. She is the point of call for anyone who wants to get in contact with EquipAfrica or collaborate with us as a charity. You don’t have to be a medic or from Africa to help.

Coming from Nigeria, Ely has witnessed the devastation that comes about from severe lack of resources and inexperienced medical assistants, which results in pointless deaths. We want to equip those who are severely lacking. By supporting EquipAfrica, you’ll no longer have to imagine how it feels to save a life because you’ll actually be doing it!
​​Human Resources Manager​​
Kanoyinsola Falayi
What really drew Kanoyin in with EquipAfrica was the promise of being able to make a difference to the lives of many people. Having spent the last 3 years in medical school she has come to realise the importance of even basic equipment like sterile gloves in patient care, and how easy it is to take these items for granted.

Previously as project manager within EquipAfrica, Kanoyin has been given the opportunity to work directly with NGOs in Sub-Saharan Africa in fighting to make a difference. She is now the Marketing Manager. 

Although being part of EquipAfrica is hard work, it’s something she relishes. She could easily donate money to help the charity but for Kanoyin as a Nigerian, this feels more personal and she feels it is necessary to also donate her time. All the hard work we all put in will help save the lives of thousands of people, not just in this generation but future generations to come
Marketing Manager
Bentley Ntow
Since starting his journey at University, charities have always appealed to Bentley but he never knew what charity to help or how to give his time, until he heard Ogaga’s speech, asking people to join her in starting this charitable venture. He was moved by her experience and motivation, so decided to join and aid in the vision and mission of EquipAfrica. This charity reminded Bentley how much life and expectations are valued in Africa when he is on holiday, from the obstacles to their everyday life.
 Four years on as a recent Chemistry graduate from Queen Mary, University of London, Bentley feels it is time to reverse the system and evolve a new change for the continent of Africa.
Bentley is the Sponsorship Manager in the Management team. His role is to find sponsors and build networks who will help us fundraise and fulfil our mission.
Sponsorship Mnager
Tolu Ojo Williams
Tolu believes the EquipAfrica team came together after becoming painfully aware of the shortcomings in healthcare in Africa and therefore wanted to see an improvement in what is considered the ‘basic standard’ of healthcare across Africa- the entirety of it. Being an African born and raised in Nigeria, Tolu’s interest and determination come from wanting to effect change in a place she very much identifies as home. She has held multiple roles in the organisation; starting off as the Web Developer then moved into Fundraising and Project Management. She is currently Project Manager and a General Trustee.

Still, in its early years of development, EquipAfrica faces many challenges but having had the opportunity to build a strong foundation, Tolu is excited about the future. Her vision is to see EquipAfrica transform the treatment of healthcare in the third sector by engaging with the people who make the real change on a day-to-day basis in a way that promotes ownership, fosters cooperation and enlightens.

Outside the charity, Tolu is a lawyer in training and aspiring businesswoman. In her spare time, she likes to bake delicate cakes with astonishing mediocrity.
Project Manager
Daniella Omowumi Ashaju
If Daniella sees a need she always strives to meet it. As a medical student in London, she is constantly exposed to the numerous innovative medical techniques and equipments used in the healthcare system. Not only are these resources innovative, they are literally life changing.

Throughout her medical school training, Daniella had the opportunity to practice with simple tools and equipment and dispose of them, as appropriate. Therefore, she is astonished such simple equipment is not available in some of the largest hospitals in Africa. 

Daniella has been blessed to be part of the team who established EquipAfrica Charitable Trust. We endeavor to personally bridge the enormous gap in medical equipment and skill set needed between the western world and the developing world; more specifically Africa.

Tremendous efforts have been made so far from a simple urge to want to make a positive and tangible change. EquipAfrica aims to continue our efforts with our partnered hospitals across Africa and actively to equip, enlighten and empower across the continent.
Events Manager
Cassandra Asare
Access to adequate healthcare should be a basic human right, unfortunately this is not the reality for thousands of individual within Sub-Saharan Africa due to either that lack of medical resources or cost associated with treatment.

As a medical student in the UK, medical equipment such as syringes, stereoscopes and defibrillators are readily available and it can be hard to imagine what we would do without them. Many doctors and nurses within Africa are forced to save lives with the bare minimum, which results in the unnecessary loss of lives which can sometimes reduce the morale of doctors.
EquipAfrica allows us to bridge the gap in the quality of healthcare patients receive within the Western world and Sub-Saharan Africa.

My role within the management team is to co-ordinate fundraisers and other events that will increase our exposure and highlight the issues Sub-Saharan Africa faces with its healthcare system.

EquipAfrica has reached several milestones already and is full of vibrant and innovative individuals that are passionate about making a real difference within Africa.
Events Manager
Juwon Layiwola
Juwon is an Associate within the Operations division of an Investment Bank. Outside of his day job, he has been a part of the organising team of TEDxSquareMile and TEDxLondon for the last few years and numerous other charities/social enterprises.

It's this experience which lead Juwon to EquipAfrica; he wanted to join a young vibrant charity in which he can utilise his corporate experience but for the betterment of Africa. As a proud Nigerian, the wellbeing of Africa is close to his heart. 

Juwon has previously been involved in the operational management of a Ugandan based charity and he hopes to add value to EquipAfrica, it's partners and most important; effect change in people's lives. His role in EquipAfrica is Website Manager. He is also temporarily acting as Events Assistant.
Website Manager