Management Assistants
Oriyomi Adebowale
As the secretary of EquipAfrica Charitable Trust, Ori has been responsible for ensuring that the minutes of each meeting are typed and shared with all members.  She deals with email enquiries from the general public and ensures that correspondence is forwarded to the appropriate team member. Over the next few years, Ori would like to grow within her role even further, and take on a wider range of responsibilities such as organising meetings, following up on individual tasks, and overall ensuring a structured and smooth manner of operating for the whole team. In 2014, Ori was heavily involved in contacting, and liaising with the Charity Commission in order for the organisation to become formally registered.

Ori is currently studying a degree in Medicine, and within her course she desires to expand her knowledge and expertise of health inequalities across the world, by undertaking an intercalated degree in Global Public Health in the year 2017-18. This will enable her to identify the factors contributing to the disparity in the standard of healthcare in different countries, and therefore use this knowledge to benefit the work of the organisation, allowing EquipAfrica to make the best impact possible.
Team Secretary
Sophia Kleanthous
Sophia is a Politics, International Relations and Philosophy graduate and has been working in Campaigning for different charities for about 3 years. Her interests are focused on international development and creating sustainable outreach projects, disability and health and have notable experience writing up policy documents, working with parliamentarians and delivering talks to young people through her work as an ambassador for a disability group.

What really excited Sophia about EquipAfrica was the focus of providing basic medical equipment to some of the most vulnerable places in Africa. She’s always wanted to work in International Development and loves campaigning and getting people’s voices heard. She have been working in campaigning in the charity sector for about 2 years and loves every part of it. She is in charge of launching our new campaign on improving the maternal and infant death rates in Somali-land. As a new member of the team Sophia has been able to see the hard work and reputation that EquipAfrica has built.

As a campaigner my work has focused on national level campaigns in relation to disability, homelessness and the student movement. She has a big interest in international health, so cannot wait to get stuck in!

Sophia is the Marketing Assistant in the management team with a focus on campaigns. She reports into Kanoyin, the Marketing Manager. In the next two years Sophia will be designing a campaign plan and strategy for an official campaign launch in November 2018 and will be working closely with the Project Manager on projects around Somali-land and in Chad. She will also be working on improving our general outreach and fostering new relationships with professionals in the sector.
Marketing Assistant
Kanoyinsola Falayi
Kanoyin is Project Assistant and reports into Tolu, the Project Manager. She also acts as Marketing Manager.
Project Assistant
Juwon Layiwola
Juwon is temporarily Events Assistant and reports into Daniella, the Events Manager. He also acts as Website Manager.
Temporary Events Assistant