Board of Trustees
Precious Gold-Ene
Precious studied Management at The University of Birmingham and started a career within Securities as an FX Analyst. She currently works as a Project Manager for BidFX, a technology company that builds trading platforms for Buy-Side and Sell-Side firms, within the Securities market. Her current role combines skills from her degree and experience working within the Investment Banking industry. 

Born in Lagos and raised in London, Precious has experienced the different standards of hospitals in Nigeria and England. EquipAfrica is a cause that lies close to her heart for this reason. She understands the pressures and struggles of African hospitals and medical centres, and therefore felt compelled to contribute to improving their standards. 

As the Chair of the Board of Trustees Precious is looking forward to bringing forth a solid plan and ensuring it is executed to the best of the team’s ability. She believes the charity has a lot of potential and space to grow over the next 5 years and is looking forward to implementing growth strategies and fulfilling projects more efficiently.
Pauline ​McKeown
Pauline graduated in Business Studies and move to Brussels in 2001 with her husband, where her two daughters were born.  There she worked for a Member of the European Parliament, also a former nurse, philanthropist and UN Goodwill Ambassador, which influenced her to follow her lifelong ambition of a career in nursing. In 2007, she moved to the UK and graduated with a BSc in Nursing. Her career started in Haematology and Clinical Trials. Following this, Pauline joined NHSBT as a Senior Sister to lead mobile blood collection teams.

Currently, she is in a corporate national role to drive forward the nursing strategy in NHSBT. Recently, as a delegate on an International Development Programme,  Pauline led a Pre-donation ABO Rh Blood Typing in Uganda. Also, she visited Uganda as a delegate on the Cross-Sector Leadership Development Programme. The purpose of the visit was to work alongside healthcare leaders to help them overcome some of the difficult challenges they face.

Pauline’s long-term ambition is to support Uganda and other Sub-Saharan African countries to improve the delivery of healthcare. She has been appointed as a trustee for EquipAfrica to build further her long-term ambition to support SSA
General Trustee
Oriyomi Adebowale
Ori acts as Secretary for both the Board of Trustees and Management team

As the secretary of EquipAfrica Charitable Trust, Ori has been responsible for ensuring that the minutes of each meeting are typed and shared with all members.  She deals with email enquiries from the general public and ensures that correspondence is forwarded to the appropriate team member. Over the next few years, Ori would like to grow within her role even further and take on a wider range of responsibilities such as organising meetings, following up on individual tasks, and overall ensuring a structured and smooth manner of operating for the whole team. In 2014, Ori was heavily involved in contacting, and liaising with the Charity Commission in order for the organisation to become formally registered.

Ori is currently studying a degree in Medicine, and within her course, she desires to expand her knowledge and expertise of health inequalities across the world, by undertaking an intercalated degree in Global Public Health in the year 2017-18. This will enable her to identify the factors contributing to the disparity in the standard of healthcare in different countries, and therefore use this knowledge to benefit the work of the organisation, allowing EquipAfrica to make the best impact possible
Robyn Drew
Robyn’s background is in economics, the third sector and the financial industry. She is PA to the Sales Director and Underwriting Management team at Hiscox, and a freelance Careers and Personal Branding Consultant for young people through her service, Revamp. She also acts as Trustee (Treasurer) for The British Moroccan Generation Forum, which is a charitable organisation supporting British Moroccan individuals experiencing social exclusion.

Robyn’s interests outside of work are photography, entrepreneurship and martial arts. For the rest of her life, her interesting fact will probably be “I’m secretly a ninja; 10-years trained in karate and reached brown belt (one level below black)”.

Robyn joined as Treasurer for EquipAfrica in 2013, when the organisation first began as a society at Queen Mary University of London. She enjoys adding value from her own experience to the work of EquipAfrica, which supports communities most in need of our help. Over the next 5 years she looks forward to watching EquipAfrica grow to save more lives in local communities.  
Bukki ​Adedapo
In an ideal world, everyone would have an equal opportunity to excel in life. Unfortunately, we live in a vastly unequal society in which this opportunity isn’t there for everyone to take. This isn’t how things should be. Everyone deserves the opportunity to live life to its fullest. To enable this, one of the most important things we can do is ensure everyone has access to basic healthcare.

Bukki is a chemical engineering graduate from Imperial College and a former management consultant. He joined EquipAfrica to try and make a difference in the lives of people who don't have what he was fortunate enough to have. He believes that he didn't do anything to deserve the opportunities in his life and neither did those who are less fortunate.
General Trustee
Kitty ​Mohan
Kitty is a medical doctor and Public Health Registrar specialising in Health Protection (public health related to communicable disease and environmental hazards). She is currently based at the National Infection Service at Public Health England in London. Prior to joining Public Health, Kitty worked as a general medical registrar and completed a PhD in Epidemiology.

Outside work, Kitty has an extensive medico-politics interest at a local, national and international level. She was co-chair of the British Medical Association UK Junior Doctors Committee from 2013-15, during which time she was the joint lead negotiator for junior doctors in the renegotiation of the UK junior doctors contract. Kitty was elected the EU-EEA Chairperson for the European Junior Doctors Permanent Working Group, which is the medical organisation representing the interests of more than 500,000 European junior doctors. She is also a keen traveller, enjoys exploring new places and learning about different cultures.

Kitty is delighted to be a trustee of EquipAfrica having a keen interest in equity of health services and global health. She is keen to use the skills learned during her public health training and medico-political career to help EquipAfrica grow over the next five years.
General trustee
Tolu Ojo-Williams
Tolu is General Trustee on the board of trustees and Project Manager in the management team.

Tolu believes the EquipAfrica team came together after becoming painfully aware of the shortcomings in healthcare in Africa and therefore wants to see an improvement in what is considered the ‘basic standard’ of healthcare across Africa- the entirety of it. Being an African born and raised in Nigeria, Tolu’s interest and determination come from wanting to effect change in a place she very much identifies as home. She has held multiple roles in the organisation; starting off as the web developer then moving into fundraising and project management. She is currently Project Manager and General Trustee.

Still, in the early years of development, EquipAfrica faces many challenges, but having had the opportunity to build a strong foundation and contributing to the direction of the charity has been an exciting and invaluable opportunity for Tolu. Her vision is to see EquipAfrica transform the treatment of healthcare in the third sector by engaging with the people who make the real change on a day-to-day basis in a way that promotes ownership, fosters cooperation and enlightens.

Outside the charity, Tolu is a lawyer in training and aspiring businesswoman. In her spare time, she likes to bake delicate cakes with astonishing mediocrity.
General Trustee